Hörmann Pannon Software Ltd. belongs to the german Hörmann group and it was found in 1997, the main activity of the company is software developement in the logistics.Our projects are implemented based on our self-developed frame system HiLIS (Hörmann Intra Logistics System).

Main profil
Main profil

Main profil

The main activity of Hörmann Pannon Software Ltd. is the design and implementation of custom-built software systems, from the initial steps to installation and even beyond. Our main profile is the production of logistics, process control and production support systems.

Our objective
Our objective

Our objective

Our objective is to always select the optimal and most reliable solution that meets the requirements demanded of it in the quickly changing world of IT, in this way being sure of satisfying our customers. Proof of the success of our projects is that every single one of the systems we have produced since our company was founded in 1997 is still operating reliably. This result is due to our highly qualified specialists and the strict requirements we set up for ourselves.

Our philosophy
Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We believe that we can only create perfection if we co-operate closely with our clients and have full knowledge of their administration and production processes. We have gained significant experience in the German-speaking countries of the European Union.


We have significant experience in software development of warehouses and manufacturing support. Our solutions are able to manage automatic, semiautomatic and manual warehouses, the pick-by-voice module of Hilis includes the latest technologies for warehouse logistics.


Our Partners

Hörmann Logistik GmbH
Hörmann Logistik

Hörmann Logistik GmbH

For more than 25 years, Hörmann Logistik is specialized in the design, development, implementation and installation of sophisticated warehouse and conveyor systems and customized intra logistics system solutions for many different industries and applications.

Bar Code Systems Hungary
Bar Code Systems Hungary

Bar Code Systems Hungary

BCS Hungary is Hungary's market leader supplier of mobile IT solutions.

Job opportunities

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<li>JAVA magas szintű ismerete,</li>
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<li>objektumorientált gondolkodás,</li>
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Előny:<br />
<li>Oracle/SQL ismeretek,</li>
<li>C++, XML/XSD, HTML ismeretek,</li>
<li>német vagy angol nyelvtudás</li>
Munkavégzés helye: Budapest, XI. kerület, Gellérthegy.<br />

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Hörmann Pannon Software Kft.<br />
Telefon: +36 (1) 372-0342<br />

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Our office is located on the south side of Gellért Hill.

Contact details

  • Tel: +36 (1) 372-0342
  • Hörmann Pannon Software Kft.
    1118 Budapest
    Somlói út 13.